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Quick Color Switcher


It will add an icon on the status bar after installing Quick Color Switcher, please have a look at help by right-click the icon.
Click the icon can switch color settings.
But note that on Firefox1.5 or 2.0 it doesn't works with pages already opened.It will apply new color settings when you open a new page next time.

Using Quick Color Switcher you can switch color settings easily by one click.You can predefine 9 custom color options, backup you favorite color settings to a file, and import color settings from backup file.Certainly, Quick Color Switcher provides recommended color settings.

Icon in the status bar:
Click to switch color settings between custom and default.
Double click to open the color options dialog.

Color Options Dialog:
Click to Select a color option.
Double click to customize the color settings.

Customize color settings Dialog:
Input the correct HTML color format value and then click OK.

Context Menu of right-click the status-bar icon:
Export the current color settings to a backup file.
Import color settings from a backup file.
Restore color settings that Quick Color Switcher recommends.
Open the color options dialog.
Show the help dialog.

Just give it a fly.

Download files:


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