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Domain Cage (SK Mod)


Changes in the Domain Cage (SK Mod) v.1.3

1. In the previous version, when a request is started to an external domain, entire channel (connection) was blocked, interrupting download of all pending stuff regardless of its location. The mod cancels each unallowed request separately, and all eligible requests remain unaffected, thus allowing page rendering with lesser side-effects.

2. All blocked pages and the pages from which they have been requested are listed in the Error Console.

3. Right click on the status icon shows a dialog allowing a user to set up two white lists: the whitelist of source domains (all requests FROM these domains do not cage), and the whitelist of target domains (all requests TO these domains do not cage). Please note, that some requests may be initiated by browser without originated page, so the FROM whitelist may not work.

Please, send a bug report, if you have a problem. For example, "tester.A" wrote that the extension doesn't work under FF 3.0.7, but I use it under 3.0.7 without problems. Perhaps, another extension causes the problem, but I can't help without further feedback. As for saving current settings (mentioned by "Tiberius42") - it's already done: if you use some black/white lists, the extension fully restores its state. If you don't use them, the state is not restored, but I plan to eliminate this restriction in next version.

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