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Gladiatus Tools


************ PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ******************

1) Despite in many countries (ie French, Arab Emirates or Argentina) Gladiatus Tools is considered LEGAL or at least not mentioned, in other countries (ie. Italy) using Gladiatus Tools is considered NOT LEGAL. Please check about legality with the server community moderators before using this addon with that server.

2) New GT releases have cutom avatar image feature DISABLED by default. If you want to use custom avatar, you should check the "Show custom avatar images" option in the addon option window.

************ THANKS FOR READING :-) ******************

Addon for Gladiatus browser game. Once installed, this addon adds automatically a set of fully integrated tools to the Gladiatus web site to improve the user experience.

Look at preview images for more info about web site changes introduced by the addon.


- Battle simulation (automatic or manual without "simulate" button)
- Show your custom avatar image and custom guild image to other Gladiatus Tools users, it supports animated gif also!
- Three timers always visible: work in Stable, waiting for Arena and Expedition time remaining
- Compare inventory items with your equipment items. It works with mercenaries also
- Persistent tab choices
- Highlighting affordable shop items only
- Smart combat report: you can choose the combat report detail level
- Smart default fields value (lowest price) at auction page
- Big "notes" and "write a message" fields
- View full player and mercenaries statistics (Healing and Threat)
- Many user interface improvements: characters counters for all text field, confirmation message box for auction and market buyout, etc.
- Etc, etc...

Simulation engines are www.georged.eu and www.playerutils.com. These simulation engines don't take care of player remaining life, so use them carefully. :-)

This addon has been tested with every server version up to 0.5.6. The following languages are currently included: english, italian, french, spanish, arabic, vietnamese, latvian, czech, brazilian portuguese, bulgarian, dutch, greek, lithuanian.

If your language is not in the list, english one will be used. If you want to help me adding your language translation, without using Google translator :-), please send me an email (in english).

Download files:


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