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STOP! Hammertime!


Adds 'STOP! Hammertime!' functionality to Firefox - Simply install and marvel as you hear MC Hammer sing whenever a page is stopped! Includes a new feature to allow you to change between a Hammertime button or a standard stop button - Now you can have the vocal without the visual! Install on friends computers when they're not looking for maximum enjoyment.


John Wordsworth - Lead Man in initial development of the extension on version 0.9.7 - worked on coding and design.

Windows XP / Vista Bug!

A few people have recently made me aware of a bug with this extension and Firefox 3 in that you can't change the stop button between the usual one and the custom hammertime button as it won't let you press the "ok" button. This only affects Windows XP and Windows Vista. I'll be releasing an update to fix it shortly, but for the time being, you can can change between the two buttons using the fix that can be found on my blog at http://bendodson.com/blog/stop-bug-found-in-stop-hammertime-firefox-extension-windows-xp-vista/

Legal Challenge by ICG

I recently received a letter from the Integrated Copyright Group (ICG) who own a 50% share in the copyright of "U Can't Touch This" and are planning on launching a legal assault on me for not purchasing a license for the 2 second audio clip used in this non-profit firefox extension. I have refused to purchase a license and will do so for as long as possible whilst keeping this extension available both here and on my website. You can stay up to date with the story as it unfolds on my site at http://bendodson.com/

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