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Cashback Automator


PLEASE NOTE: You need a free BigCrumbs.com Cashback account to use the Cashback Automator. You can get one after you download the extension (extension provides a link), or you can get a free account here:

By downloading this extension, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of use outlined here: http://cashbackautomator.com/tos.html

ON INSTALL: Please remember to put in your username and password correctly, otherwise the extension will not function correctly.


Cashback sites are often tedious to use. You have to visit the cash back site, log in, find the store you want to shop at, click through...The Cashback Automator was created as a one-click solution to save time and money. It works as follows:

1. Visit a store.
2. If you can get cashback at the store, the Cashback Automator says "Cashback Available".
3. Click the Cashback Automator.
4. The extension does all the processing for you to get cashback.
5. When it's done, the extension will read "Cashback Acquired". Now, when you shop at the store, you will receive cash back in your BigCrumbs account.

Extension can be used with coupon codes to save even more money.


1. Right-click Amazon search - Highlight any product name and right-click to search for product name on Amazon.com.

2. Right-click BizRate search - Highlight any product name and right-click to search for product name on shopping comparison site Bizrate.com.

3. Coupon Code search - When you are at an online store (ie. Bestbuy.com), click the small scissors icon. The extension will generate an efficient coupon code search for that store, and run the search at searchonlycouponcodes.com (owned by developer). Fast, easy way to find coupon codes.

Yeah! We were just picked up by the makeuseof.com blog: http://www.makeuseof.com/dir/bigcrumbs-earn-money-shopping/

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