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This addon allows you to easily search the site you're currently browsing, using the "site:" functionality on Google. It has two parts: an optional toolbar and two new options in the right-click menu.

In the right-click menu, the two options are for either domain of the current page (for example, "mozilla.org" for "http://addons.mozilla.org/page.html") or the full host (for example, "addons.mozilla.org" for "http://addons.mozilla.org/page.html"). Select any text, right-click, and perform either of these from the menu.

The toolbar has these options as well as "Your Top Sites", "Drew's Top Sites", and "Search Google". For "Your Top Sites", the extension looks through the user's history and finds the most frequently-visited domains (currently the top 100). It then creates a search limited to only these domains using Bing. "Drew's Top Sites" is a Google CSE built based on the author's top sites. And "Search Google" is a normal Google search.

-The toolbar can be hidden/shown by going to "View"->"Toolbars"->"Site Search".
-By default, right clicking opens a new tab and the toolbar opens the results in the active tab, and this can be configured via the preferences.

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