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Equity Pilot - The Stock Market Navigator


This addon detects your stocks when you are surfing on financial websites. At the push of a button it collects and aggregates actual information about your stock and generates smart links for most financial websites.

While it pulls all relevant market news from the most prominent financial news providers it also scans Social Media sites such as Twitter and online forums. This way you will get a very comprehensive and easy overview of the current discussion about your stocks.

The addon saves you an enormous amount of time while you are researching the stock market. You will always have the latest information available at your fingertips.

The addon covers over 12.000 stocks including the largest US and German stocks. It further provides country-specific smart links. While there will be links to the most important financial websites such as Google Finance, Yahoo!Finance, Reuters, Bloomberg, and Businessweek for all stocks there are some specific links for German stocks, e.g OnVista, comdirect, finanzen to name just a few.

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