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Pardus Utility Collection


NOTICE: Since AMO enforced their checks, my addons isn't passing the test, even if is as secure as it was before. The version you see here is old and not fully working. To have the full version go to the main web site and install the latest version you see here that is fully working to the new pardus modification but doesn't have auto update.

Pardus Utility Collection is intended for use exclusively with Pardus MMORPG (www.pardus.at).
It modifies the nav screen and a set of quick links and utilities to help you playing the online game Pardus.

WARNING: When upgrading to version 1.1.0 from older version, your preferences will be resetted. To make a successfull update make the following steps:
  1. Open preferences (Tools->PUC Options) and click on the button "Save preferences"
  2. Save the preferences on a file (for example: puc-prefs.txt)
  3. Disinstall old PUC version
  4. Restart firefox
  5. Install the version 1.1.0 (or greater)
  6. Restart firefox again
  7. Open preferences (Tools->PUC Options) and click on the button "Load preferences" loading the file saved on step 2

The PUC extension has the following functions:

* Maps: automatically send your nav data to build a full universe map
* Clocks: add a set of clock in your pardus page
* Shortcuts: add a set of shortcuts in your pardus page, depending on which tile you are in
* Grid: Show a grid on the nav screen. The color of the grid could be set in the options
* Path: Show the path of the pardus autopilot marking the cells with a different (customizable) color
* Coordinates: Show coordinates near the nav screen
* Mag Scoop & Ambush breaking Alert: Alert when you try to move with goods on mag scoop or when you're going to break your ambush
* Bots calculation and combat helpers: Calculate how many bots are needed to fully repair your armor
* Combat mode and boosts buttons on nav screen: Show you the combat mode status and quick change on nav screen
* Saving QL: Allows you to save a set of QL for a quick recall
* Javascript drop cargo: Allow you to call the drop cargo window without reloading the page
* Message alert: Show an alert any time you have a new ally/msg/combat/mission entry
* Online check list: A command box to quickly know who, from a list of custom players, is online/offline
* Trade helper: A set of helper for traders
* Set of customizable links: A set of links you can put on your message frame
* Advanced skills adjustment
* Map size adjustment
* Key listener: access a set of useful commands simply pressing a button on the keyboard
* Building commodities tracker: quickly check the commodities present in the buildings on the map

More details are available on the official web site

Download files:


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