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OneManga Manager


NOTE: It no longer works properly since OneManga shutdown, but you still can use it to track mangas, check if there is any new, etc...

With OneManga Manager, you can read all your mangas in a single page, each chapter you load takes all the pages and place them in a single one.

Test the Manga Manager http://ryuukai.ryuushin.net/Manga/
More info: http://ryuukai.ryuushin.net/index.php/en/component/content/article/3-news/36-manga-manager

To open the configuration panel:
- Right Click the OMM icon and click Config
- Press Ctrl-Shift-F2
- Tools > OMM > Config

In the configuration page you can add, remove, edit your mangas, setting to auto-open and/or subscrible.

To open the manager click OPEN on the menus or click here http://www.onemanga.com/ryuushin/manager/

Main Page
Tab = Focus tab, show tab contents
Tab X = Close tab

Mangalist *double click* = Open and focus tab; load chapter list
Mangalist *click* = Load chapter list

Chapter list *double click* = Load chapter

MyManga List = List of all your mangas with chapters for sharing
Graybar = Resize w-e
Graybar button = Toggle view

Go to Top = Scroll window to top

(Menu) Tools > <u>C</u>onfig... [Ctrl-Shift-f2]
(Menu) Tools > Homepage
(Menu) Tools > Addons > *OneManga Manager* <u>O</u>ptions / <u>E</u>nable/<u>D</u>isable / <u>U</u>ninstall

(Statusbar) OMM *left click* > Opens new page (main page)
(Statusbar) OMM *right click* > <u>O</u>pen (Open the addon main page, where you can read)
(Statusbar) OMM *right click* > <u>C</u>onfig [Ctrl-Shift-f2]
(Statusbar) OMM *right click* > <u>H</u>omepage (opens blog)

(OMM Config) Arrow Up = Move manga to previous position
(OMM Config) Arrow Down = Move manga to next position
(OMM Config) Manga = Manga name (as shown ir urls)
(OMM Config) Subscribe = Show manga name in new list
(OMM Config) Auto-open = When open the main page, this manga will automatically load in a tab
(OMM Config) <u>N</u>ew = Allow you to insert new manga, when focus is lost it is saved
(OMM Config) <u>D</u>elete = Delete current selected manga
(OMM Config) <u>C</u>ommands > <u>I</u>mport
(OMM Config) <u>C</u>ommands > <u>E</u>xport
(OMM Config) <u>C</u>ommands > <u>D</u>efaults
(OMM Config) Ok = Save & Close
(OMM Config) <u>A</u>pply = Save
(OMM Config) Cancel = Close

Auto-open means the page will load the manga tab and the last selected chapter.
To open other tabs, click on the arrow-up-down on the control box, it will show a manga list, dblclick the manga to open in a new tab; click to load chapter list bellow, dblclick the chapter to load it.

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