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Use this Add-on in combination with the Labmeeting.com site to easily collect and organize journal articles in the biomedical sciences and related spaces.

The Add-on enables one-click collection of papers from the PubMed system and other related websites. It then automatically acquires the associated PDF files and places them into your labmeeting personal paper collection. You can then use the labmeeting.com site to access your selected papers from anywhere using just a browser and an internet connection, conduct full-text searches over all your papers, and easily share your collection with your colleagues. Direct upload of Endnote or BibTeX files and automatic acquisition of the associated PDFs are also supported.

After installing this Add-on, you will need a user account for labmeeting.com to take advantage of the full functionality (available free for academics at http://www.labmeeting.com/signup).

Note that PDF acquisition for some papers will require a network connection with subscription access to the associated journals (such as a university or library network).


Q: How do I add a paper that is listed on a PubMed page?

A: Simply click the 'Send to labmeeting' button while viewing the page showing the paper citation information.

Q: How do I add a specific paper from a PubMed page that lists several papers?

A: By default, clicking the 'Send to labmeeting' button will always add the first paper listed on a page. If you want to add a different paper, simply highlight the PubMed ID on the page (an eight digit number, usually listed in gray below the paper citation), then click the 'send to labmeeting' button.

Q: I'm trying to add a paper that's listed on my university's website, but it's not working. How can I do this?

A: Currently, the Add-on only supports the one-click add functionality for papers that list an associated PubMed ID. If a PubMed ID is displayed for your paper, highlight that ID (numbers only), then click the 'send to labmeeting' button. If the paper does not have an associated PubMed ID, add the paper through the labmeeting.com site by searching for it on the Paper Collection page.


Q: I'm getting a message telling me that my PDFs have not downloaded. What can I do?

A: If the papers you're trying to acquire PDFs for are listed on PubMed, but the Add-on fails to download the PDFs, the most likely cause is that you are connected through a network that does not have permission to access the journals for the papers you have selected. In this case, you will need to connect through a network that does have the relevant subscriptions, such as your university network or your library. Once connected, you will then have to manually re-initiate the PDF download process as described below.

Q: Will the Add-on try to automatically acquire PDFs if I log in from a different computer that has access to the relevant journals?

A: No. You will have to manually re-initiate the PDF download process as described below.

Q: How can I manually re-initiate the PDF download process?

A: This is a simple two-step process. Start by clicking on the arrow to the right of the 'send to labmeeting' button, and select 'View Unsuccessful Downloads' from the dropdown. If you're not already logged in to labmeeting, you may be prompted to do so at this point. The Add-on will take you to the 'Unsuccessful Downloads' page. Click the 'Retry all PDFs' button at the top of the page.

This will re-initiate the PDF download process for all your papers and show the progress at the top of the browser window.

Q: I have a long list of publications in an Endnote or BibTeX file. Is there a way to acquire all these PDFs at once?

A: Yes! Simply install the Add-on, then go to your Private Paper Collection on labmeeting http://www.labmeeting.com/papers. Click on the '+ Or import from Endnote /BibTeX/PubMed ID' link, select your reference file and click on the Import button. Labmeeting will then import the relevant citations, and the Add-on will automatically start to acquire the relevant PDFs in the background. You can then access the full papers through your Private Paper Collection as they are acquired.

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