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PayPal Instant Transfer Zapper



How many times have you unwittingly been burned by PayPal's non-configurable payment default to "instant transfer"? If it hasn't happened to you yet, it's only a matter of time! All it takes is being in a hurry to complete a transaction. Your guard is down and you simply forget to change their self-serving default. They have designed their site in a way which inhibits transactions using credit cards and ensnares people into making unintentional bank transfers. A bright orange button labeled "Send Money" is positioned at what looks to be the bottom of the page, while a small ordinary link buried below it must be clicked to fund payments with your credit card. If you click the orange button first, it's too late... Gotcha! Not even a warning that you cannot go back to change to a credit card. If you find this infuriating, use this extension to prevent PayPal from getting into your bank account instead of your Credit Card - where they actually have to earn their money! A confirmation dialog will pop up to prevent you from accidentally clicking "send money" without selectively choosing your payment source.

This is a simple extension that will save you from future frustrations. It was originally a script developed for Greasemonkey and has now been converted to an extension for those who do not use Greasemonkey.

It's safe and easy to test this add-on by by simply initiating (but not completing) a payment to a dummy recipient. The script automatically pops up a dialog when you get to the payment review page if the payment method is set to "Instant Transfer". Please note: The script does NOT submit your payment, nor is it necessary for you to press the orange "Send Money" button to test the script.

Now supports all known types of PayPal payments:
* regular Send Money links
* eBay checkout
* PayPal money requests
* PayPal invoices
* PayPal shopping carts

There are some very good reasons to NEVER use PayPal Instant Transfer:

1. You are deprived of credit card benefits like float time, bonus awards, and charge back protection.
2. PayPal does not (and cannot) check your bank account balance nor do they warn you to check it. If you don't have the funds in the account, your bank will most likely issue an overdraft notice (usually $25 -35$)
3. AND PayPal will then attempt to use your backup source to cover the transaction.
4. The only ways to back out of the transaction are to reverse it yourself (not recommended, since PayPal could penalize you for this) OR to have the seller refuse payment, but then your funds are "frozen" until PayPal releases them. The Terms of Service Agreement gives them up to 30 days to use your money!
5. Unless the transaction is covered by the "buyer protection" program, there is no protection against seller fraud as there is with virtually all credit cards.
6. This last one is the kicker: They still authorize your credit card even when you use Instant Transfer, and those funds are then unavailable to use on your card for up to 10 days, after which the authorization falls off. This protects them while robbing you of the use of your full credit card funds.

Click through to the home page to read a more detailed explanation.

Please note: Works with ENGLISH paypal accounts ONLY!

Version History:
v1.02 8/22/08 updated script for changes to PayPal pages
v1.03 09/30/08 added support for money requests/invoices; automated "confirmation" page
v1.04 10/04/08 added support for shopping carts
v1.041 10/20/08 PP finally removed its confirmation screen, so deleted some obsolete code. Functionally the same as 1.04
v1.042 05/13/09 removed loose variables by executing entire script within an anonymous function
v1.1 8/21/09 changed max version number for use with FF 3.x
v1.2 2/2/11 Fixed "unterminated function" error message which mysteriously appeared after many months of proper functioning

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