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Semantic Turkey


Important: read developers' comments here below before downloading!

The version of Semantic Turkey on the Firefox site is not updated. The extension is quite big, and despite all of our efforts to simplify the review process, we have never managed to get it fully accepted AND to have reviews keeping the pace with the new versions we released in the meanwhile.

So...in order to get a fully functional (and updated) version of Semantic Turkey, pls go to its project site:

P.S: if the absence of updates here makes you doubtful about possible maliciousness of the extension, well, go to the community page and check messages there to be reassured. You might also want to check its bigger "collaborative" brother, VocBench which is based on the same server, and replaces the Firefox interface with a collaborative web application

Semantic Turkey is a Firefox based Knowledge Management and Acquisition tool based on Semantic Web Technologies.
It can also be seen as a "bookmark system on steroids", which allows you to separate the WHAT (people, events, organizations...any kind of thing) that you are interested in, from the WHERE (the pages that you bookmark that contain information about them).
While traditional bookmarking always ends up in tons of page which are rather difficult to organize, with ST you can define your personal domain of interest through a conceptual representation called ontology. You can then add objects to the ontology, describe them through attributive properties or connect them through relational properties, and, at the same time, keep track of (bookmark) the pages where you find information about them. These operations need not to be performed in a strict order: with very simple drag&drops, you can add new objects while you find them on the web.

Visit the official web site on:
for detailed instructions

Download files:


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