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Awesome Throbber


Awesome Throbber extension allows you define what URL(s) you get taken to when you click on the throbber icon (The 'spinning dots' activity indicator you see when a page is loading.)

You may left click, middle click, or right click on the throbber (with or without holding the Alt key) to get taken to an URL of your choice. Each type of click can take you to a different URL.

You may assign groups of URLs to each action by separating each URL with the pipe "|" symbol, or you may use javascript: bookmarklets.

You may control the behaviour of each click with respect to whether the link is loaded in the current tab, a new tab without focus, a new tab with focus, a new window, or whatever the browser default behaviour is.

You may add a description for each click action which is used in the tooltip. This is handy for long groups of piped URLs, or for JavaScript snippets you may be executing. If the description is left blank, the URL(s) are stripped of any leading "http://" and any trailing linkage after the domain name and used instead.

Major changes compared to Throbber Button extension
- Can define URLs for more types of click
- Better tooltip, that shows all URLs not just the left-click URL
- Better tooltip for piped URLs.
- Can use descriptions in tooltip instead of URL (Useful for piped URLs or javascript: bookmarklets)
- Per-click definition for 'Open In' handling
- Localized
- Can handle Unicode chars in the URLs or descriptions
- Can handle javascript: bookmarklets with pipe characters in

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