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URL Alias


IMPORTANT: version 2.3.3 does not work with Firefox < 51 correctly. If you have installed it already, please downgrade to 2.3.2. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This tiny extension allows you to configure replacements to some keywords (aliases) you type into address bar.

Possible uses and configuration examples:
* bookmarking by alias: instead of typing full URL or opening bookmarks panel, you can just type preconfigured shorthand for it
Example: configuring alias "mail http://mail.google.com/gmail" and then typing "mail" will take you to http://mail.google.com/gmail

* you can reference browser chrome:// URL-s in same way
Example: "alias chrome://urlalias/content/" rule will take you to configuration dialog of this extension if you type "alias"

* searching from address bar: if you type something after an alias, it will be appended to replacement URL.
Example: configuring alias "wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/" and then typing "wiki Main_Page" will take you to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

* more complicated substitions: you can specify %s in replacement URL to insert query text to its place instead of appending.
Example: "lj http://%s.livejournal.com/" will transform "lj someuser" to http://someuser.livejournal.com/

* [new in 2.2.0] you can specify %1, %2, ... in replacement URL to insert part of query text to its place.
Any leftover tokens are appended to query string as per above rules.
Example: "w http://%1.wikipedia.org/wiki/" will transform "w ru Firefox" to http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefox

* default search engine: if you define replacement for "*" keyword, it will treat any entered non-URL-like text as query text for this alias.
Example: configuring "* http://google.com/search?q=" and then typing "somequerytext" will take you to http://google.com/search?q=somequerytext

Aliases may be assigned either in configuration dialog or using context menu option.

This is a complete rewrite of the old URL Alias extension by Rob Kristiaan:

Download files:


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