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Ad Killer


The Firefox Ad Killer gives you thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons on all kinds of banner ads, so you can target the annoying ones and prevent them from being displayed. We hope one day to use this feedback to punish bad advertisers (the ones who are basically spamming you annoyance) and reward advertisers that actually provide good content, but in the meantime, it just blocks the bad ones.

To use, just move your mouse over any banner ad. You should see a small "AdKiller" bar, where you can choose ThumbsUp or ThumbsDown. ThumbsDown will make that particular ad not appear in your browser anymore. Works with image, animated, and Flash-based ads.

If you kill an ad by mistake, and want to get it back, just click in the blank space where the ad used to be. You'll be prompted to get it back.

Please post positive or negative reviews - we love feedback.

Ad Killer tries to automatically recognize ads and give you the option to give feedback, but it's not yet 100% accurate. If you encounter an ad that Ad Killer doesn't recognize, please let us know. Be sure to include the URL of the page.

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