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Net Notes


Notes for the website in your active browser tab can be added and edited in a simple textbox in your Firefox sidebar.
The content of the Notes textbox is automatically saved as soon as you close the sidebar or a new website is loaded into the active browser tab.
If you keep the Notes sidebar opened while browsing the Notes saved for the current website are loaded automatically into the textbox.
The Notes sidebar can be toggled (shown and hidden) via Firefox view menu, with a toolbar button or with a customizable keyboard shortcut.
Net Notes also allows you to edit your notes in a bottom bar instead of the sidebar.

Your Notes are stored in the description fields of your bookmarks.
If no bookmark has been set for the current website it is automatically added to a customizable bookmarks folder.
Websites with Notes are automatically tagged with a customizable, comma-separated list of tags (the default tag is "Note").

Net Notes has been designed to work seamlessly with Mozilla Weave.
Your Notes are automatically synchronized along with your bookmarks if you use Mozilla Weave together with Net Notes.
Net Notes also supports any other synchronization or sharing application that makes use of the description field of your bookmarks.
To backup, restore, import and export your Notes just backup, restore, import or export your bookmarks.
Firefox bookmarks library also allows you to sort and organize your Notes - they're just a part of your bookmarks.


Toggle the sidebar:
To toggle (show and hide) the sidebar you have several possibilities:
* Firefox view menu: View => Sidebar => Notes.
* The Net Notes toolbar button.
* The Net Notes keyboard shortcut.

Toolbar button:
How to add the toolbar button to the toolbar:
* Right-click on your toolbar.
* Choose 'Customize...' from the context menu.
* Drag and Drop the Notes button on your toolbar.

Keyboard Shortcut:
To set a new keyboard shortcut open up Net Notes preferences dialog via Firefox add-ons listing.
Click on the keyboard shortcut textbox (or mark the displayed shortcut) and press your desired combination.
Note that the new keyboard shortcut only takes effect in a new Firefox window.

Bottom bar:
The Notes textbox can be displayed in Firefox sidebar (which is the default), or in a bottom bar above Firefox status bar.
The toolbar button and keyboard shortcut toggle the display of the bar set on Net Notes preferences dialog.

Spell checking:
Spell checking for the Notes textbox content can be enabled on Net Notes preferences dialog.
Note that you need to close and reopen the Notes sidebar for the spell checking to take effect.

Net Notes adds the tag "Note" by default to all websites with stored Notes.
If you don't want Net Notes to add tags automatically, just clear the tags textbox on Net Notes preferences dialog.
If you want to add several tags automatically, just separate them with commas.
Note that Net Notes only uses the new tags after the Notes sidebar has been closed and reopened.

Bookmarks Folder:
Net Notes automatically adds a bookmark if you store a Note for a website that has not been bookmarked yet.
By default those bookmarks are added to the "Unsorted Bookmarks" folder, but you may select another folder on Net Notes preferences dialog.
Note that Net Notes only uses the new bookmarks folder after the Notes sidebar has been closed and reopened.

Notes textbox layout:
The Notes textbox adopts the font-size and typeface set in Firefox Preferences => Content => Fonts & Colors.
To further customize the layout you may apply user styles via UserChrome.css (see http://kb.mozillazine.org/UserChrome.css ).
The following style applies a golden background color and a font-size of 12 pixels:

-moz-appearance:none !important;
font-size:12px !important;
background-color:gold !important;

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