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Since version new TorrentBar has finally functionality that is really helpful to all active users - it doesn't require any re-downloads of add-on with every change in the torrent scene, and we all know that torrent websites can be down often or change their website addresses. TorrentBar now manages your favorite torrent websites on its end and you can use it without fuss that some of those websites don't work or there is another problem with them. Combined with other functionality, like "search in all" and Favorites allows you to get quickly what you look for.

TorrentBar is very simple in use, in order to customize its Search and Favorites lists (Feed), you just need to choose from almost 50 websites, ones that you want to use and save that list on your account. Copy Feed ID next to your TorrentBar (Settings > Login , then hit OK) and it will be loaded on to your toolbar.

From that moment TorrentBar will keep you updated on your websites (if they move, it will update their addresses; if they won't work, it will disable them for the time being). You can always add/remove websites by editing your configuration on TorrentBar's website (Click "Configure list" and you will be moved to appropriate panel).

Searching quickly in the mass of all torrent websites can be frustrating - I know that, TorrentBar will resolve that problem for you, and if you're done with searching, you can easily hide TorrentBar with just one click - till next time.

Neither TorrentBar's website nor toolbar itself has any spy-ware or logging software. You are 100% anonymous with your searches.

Current websites to choose from: BiteNova, BT Junkie, Google Search, ISO Hunt, The Pirate Bay, Torrent Reactor, Torrentz, Demonoid, KickAss Torrents, Torrent Portal, RuTor, NoNaMe Club, H33t, Il Corsaro nero, Extra Torrent, Sumotorrent, MegaShara, 1337x, Bitreactor, TorrentDay, Bitsoup, Scrape Torrent, Bithorló, Nyaatorrents, Picktorrent, BitTorrentMonster, Torrnado, Bittorrent AM, Torrentme, Torrenthound, Torrentino, Rutracer, Bitsnoop, Torrent Eval, Torrent411, SeedPeer, VORTEX, Torrent Downloads, Lime Torrents, AhaShare, Vertor, Torrentoff.

You can always add new torrent website, which will be available to all TorrentBar's users.

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