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LastPass Password Manager


LastPass is a password manager that simplifies everything you do online by remembering your passwords, logging into your sites with one click, creating strong passwords for every account, and so much more.

Join over 10 million people who love getting more done every day with our award-winning password manager!

With LastPass, you only remember one master password and LastPass takes care of the rest. It fills your logins for you and instantly syncs from your desktop to your laptop, your computer to your smartphone, your tablet to the web, so you never struggle to remember another password. LastPass is free no matter what device you use!

Why Use a Password Manager?
- Save, encrypt and backup all your passwords and logins, automatically
- Sync your data no matter which browser, computer, or mobile device you use
- Only one strong master password to remember
- Securely store more logins, with more universal recognition of websites, including bank logins
- All the features you need to be more productive and efficient
- Only YOU know your master password, LastPass never has your key
- Secure offline access to your data via the browser extensions and mobile apps

Save Everything & Increase Productivity:
- Store login usernames and passwords for all online accounts
- Fill web logins automatically - no typing required!
- Checkout fast with shopping profiles
- Create Secure Notes to store memberships, credit cards, & other important records
- Attach documents, PDFs, images, audio, and more
- Keep everything organized in a searchable “vault”
- Collaborate with others with more secure password sharing features

Universal Access:
- Add LastPass to any browser on any computer
- Login with the same LastPass account everywhere
- Sync all of your passwords and data automatically
- Have convenient access to your passwords on all your devices, including any desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet

Security First:
- Generate secure passwords to replace weak ones
- Change passwords automatically on over 75 sites with Auto-Password Change
- Create strong, unique passwords as you sign up for new websites
- Protect your LastPass account with multifactor authentication
- Audit your passwords with the LastPass Security Challenge
- Flexible security features like autologoff options and master password reprompts

Only you know your master password, and only you can access your vault. Your master password is never shared with LastPass. That’s why millions of people and businesses trust LastPass to keep their information safe. We protect your data at every step.

LastPass is free to download and use on any desktop or laptop computer. LastPass Premium adds more features, like family password sharing, 1 GB of encrypted file storage, Premium two-factor authentication options like YubiKey, and priority tech support. Learn more at https://lastpass.com/go-premium

Learn about more features and get LastPass for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera from www.LastPass.com

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