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Noojee Click for Asterisk


Noojee Click works with an Asterisk phone system to provide 'Click to Dial' from any Web Page that contains a phone number.
As you browse, Noojee Click searches each page for phone numbers. An image is added after each phone number.
To dial the phone number, simply click the image.

You can find detailed documentation on our website at: http://www.noojee.com.au/products/noojee-click/click-overview/

Noojee Click for Chrome is now available; download from our store but don't worry its still free ;)

Noojee Click works with;

Noojee Click also supports provisioning for large scale deployments.

You can also dial any number by selecting the text and clicking the 'Dial Selection...' option from the context menu (right click). Add new dial patterns by selecting a phone number and clicking the 'Add Dial Pattern...' option from the context menu.
Includes 'Redial' and a 'Dial from Clipboard' options which intelligently extracts the phone number from other text on the clipboard.

- Works with any web page
- Lets you dial numbers from you favourite CRM such as SugarCRM, vTiger, Salesforce etc.
- 'Click To Dial' icon after each phone number
- Dial selected text
- Dial from Clipboard; dials any number on the clipboard and removes superfluous text
- Redial
- Intelligently ignores editable content such as when composing an email or editing a Wiki page
- Dials international numbers that start with a '+'
- Hang up a call by clicking the Noojee status icon
- Add new phone number patterns by selecting the number and click 'Add Dial Pattern..'
- Auto-answer support for most handsets
- Support for AJAX/Web 2.0 sites; dynamically monitors a page for new numbers that may appear
- Ability to exclude pages
- Ability to add dial prefix
- Support HTTPS and HTTP connections to Asterisk (AJAM)
- Configurable set of delimiters for phone numbers
- Logic to handle false positive. e.g. excludes numbers that aren't a phone number but look like one.
- Helpful message to ease diagnosing Asterisk connection problems
- Use Asterisk's AJAM interface

Note: contrary to some opinions Noojee Click is alive and well.

The Free PBX plugin is no longer supported but it was never actually needed. Noojee Click only needs an Asterisk Manager connection. The Free PBX plugin was designed to make installs a little easier, but the Free PBX api kept changing, so we gave up on it.

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