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Slingalink makes it easy to link your friends to your current page. Rather than copy/pasting the URL and sending an email, slide your cursor to the left side of the window, and a handy sidebar pops out. From there, you can email your link, or post it to other services like Twitter. And, you can get notified when your friend clicks the link!

NOTE: Before you can begin using slingalink, you must create an account at http://slingalink.com/create-account.

Slingalink also includes several other features to make sharing links easy:

- automatically parse the title and description of page to make slinging as fast as possible

- import contacts from GMail and add special services like Twitter

- drag links onto the sidebar indicator (handy when you don't want to navigate to the link yourself, e.g. in an RSS reader)

- autocomplete to avoid typing contacts' full email addresses (delete a contact from your autocomplete by right-clicking their name)

- customize sidebar indicator position, size, and visibility

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