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Smart Find


In firefox, the find method is very useful when you need to match a sequence of chars (or a piece of a word) exactly with any word on the page. In other words, this facility is very useful when you know exactly what you would like to find. You just have to use ^+F, write the word you wish and Firefox match this exactly. Let's imagine for a minute that you do not know the correct letters in any given word, for example: "Schwarzenegger". This looks easy when you are looking at the word, but what if you do not have any idea what to write? Then you wonder "I would like to write something like "chuazenger" and for it to find similar words in the page". As another example, when you are on a page where accents are used and your keyboard is not configured to type such accents (~^`), the traditional find method will not be able to match with any word for both these examples, do not be afraid...

Now, with this extension, help is at hand!

In this project we introduce the SmartFind (SF) - A Smart way to Find the most similar word in the page. This extension presents an improvement to the default Find method in Firefox 3.*, which allows a user to find a word by just giving clues to the method.


After you download and install the extension, when you press ^+F, inside your firefox, a new check box labeled "Similar" appers in the Find-Bar, and another, in Edit menu (Find Similar Level), which indicates the similarity level (Low, Medium and High) of the word you are looking for. If you check "Similar", this enables the method. You can write the word and if it doesn't match with any term, you can press ENTER and the SmartFind method will run to find the most similar word in the current page.

Enjoy your browsing !

In the menu Edit -> Find Similar Level -> Low/Medium/High. These choices indicate how similar the found word is to the original word you would like to find in the page and it presents the char sequence in the find text bar.

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