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The Tagmarks extension brings together the fast one-click bookmarking in Firefox 3 and the power of using Tags to organize your bookmarks. With Tagmarks, you have a lot of different options of icons to click when adding a site to your bookmarks, instead of just the Bookmark Star. When you click in each icon, it will add the page to the bookmarks and associate that icon with that page, through the use of tags.

Tagmarks stays politely hidden until you begin to use it. When you pass your mouse over the quick-bookmark Star on the awesome bar, a new set of icons appears to the left. Clicking on one icon has the same effect as clicking on the star: it will add the page to the bookmark; but with an added benefit: it will also apply a tag to the page and always remember and show that icon when you are at that page.

Use your creativity and associate as many icons as you want to your bookmarked sites.

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