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Revise and Improve Languages Effortlessly! Smart word-replacement for no hassle learning, e.g. One, DOS, three.

Spanish, French, Chinese (for fun), + more coming.

No Time, No Sweat, No Studying.

Natural learning, like when you were a child.

This is NOT a language course. However, it will help you revise and learn languages. It takes the drudgery out of learning languages.

Browse the Internet as normal and LanguageBob will drip-feed you the language. Let your Internet-time double as language-learning time.

If you browse in English you can learn Spanish, French and Chinese. If you browse in Spanish, French, Portuguese, German or Russian you can improve your English. Other languages are being prepared and will be posted on the site for rapid download, http://www.languagebob.com

A "Teach your Friends" option has now been added for Facebook users. When you post to the wall or send a message occasional translations are made. With the un-translated word always in parentheses so they can learn but never misunderstand you e.g. "one, dos (two), three ...".

Add LanguageBob now.

(Also English for French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian speakers; other languages being posted on website).

+ Anglais, Inglés, Inglês, Englisch, Английскийetc ...

Anglais : Le moyen simple d'améliorer votre anglais.

Inglés : La manera más fácil de mejorar su Inglés.

Inglês : A maneira a mais fácil de melhorar seu inglês.

Englisch : Revidiere und verbessere Dein Englisch műhelos!

Английский: Учить и проверять знание языков без лишних усилий!

Please tell your friends about Firefox and LanguageBob. Gracias!

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