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* Displays all hyperlinks in the current web page, including any hyperlinks inside frames
* Displays the total number of hyperlinks in the current webpage

It allows you to:
* Search the links in the current webpage
* Select multiple links to open in tabs or copy locations for all selected links
* Test links in the webpage, filtering out unwanted links with quick and easy searches

Search Links:
Type text into the search box to search the links in the current page.
You can enclose a phrase in quotes to find the exact phrase. You can use a minus (-) sign before any word to exclude links containing that word from the results.

For example, to find all links to youtube videos except videos of cats, type "youtube -cats" in the search box.

Test links:
1. You can either test all the links in a webpage, or select links to be tested.
3. Links that should not be tested can be filtered out quickly and easily (see example below).
4. Multi-threaded link testing for simultaneous tests (Number of threads are user configurable).
5. View link status at a glance, through status icons displayed next to each link in the sidebar.
6. Alternatively, tested links on the webpage can be highlighted with colors indicating their test status.
6. View full details about the link, including test results and the full response header in a properties dialog.

For example, to test all links in a webpage except Google Adsense ads, search for "-googlesyndication.com" to filter out all Adsense ads and then right-click in the sidebar and select "Test all links."

Toolbar button and Shortcut Key:
Once installed, you can open linkSidebar with the shortcut key (Ctrl+Shift+L) or through the view menu (View->Sidebar->Links). A toolbar button is provided, but is disabled by default. To add the toolbar button, right-click on any button in a Firefox toolbar and select customize. You can then drag and drop the LinkSidebar button to any Firefox toolbar.

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