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This Firefox extension improves the Sporepedia website (www.spore.com/sporepedia).

See http://www.gamingsteve.com/blab/index.php?topic=13592.0 for more information.

Feature list:

- Extra information in Creation Panels
- Extra information in the Sporecast Panels
- Report Creation confirmation dialog
- Random Creation navigation button
- Random Sporecast navigation button
- Add Comment characters remaining counter
- Tag Navigator

Please note:
- The statistics displayed are the statistics in Spore, not the Spore Creature Creator. They are different.
- The statistics of older creatures can be inaccurate. In particular, older carnivores report as omnivores and older creatures generally report as blind.
- Parent/Child relationship display is not possible at this time, so have been removed.
- The statistics related to Sporecasts may or may not be accurate.

Specific Statistic Details:

Type: Creature/Vehicle/Building/UFO.

Stage: What stage the creature is from. Can be Creature, Tribal, Civilisation and Space stages. Each stage introduces new items of clothing that can be placed on creatures.

User Rating: The raw value behind the smilie face rating. The value of votes depends on the age of the creature, and is generally only updated when a vote is assigned. This means that a upvote can actually reduce a creature's rating.

Diet: What the creature eats. Is incorrect for the older carnivores, which register as omnivores.

Cuteness/Meanness: Appear to be based on the part used, with parts such as unicorn horns giving cuteness and spiky things giving meanness. I hide these stats by default because they're mostly meaningless.

Height: Units are measurement are unknown, but they server to give a relative measure of height.

Bones: Not sure. Probably related to spine length and limb joints, or just complexity.

Graspers: Occasionally limbs ending without graspers or feet seem to count against this statistic.

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