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Better Directories


UPDATE MAY 2015: Thanks for all your comments guys, I've completely overhauled the code and it should now work again.


Makes HTTP(S) directories more functional - always sortable for example. Files all have the correct icons, and the directories all look like FTP directories i.e. much better.

A user-friendly and fully customisable system determines whether a page is a directory (and should be targeted for improvement) or not. Using (optional) right click menu entries, or through the tools menu, you can define any page as a directory, though the automatic scanner will pick up on most. Likewise, if any page is being incorrectly rendered as a directory when it is not, a few clicks will declare it to be not a directory and it will never be affected again.

An example of what it does can be found in the addon images section.

Only tested on default theme; possible that others cause some problems. It uses the Firefox Addon SDK to modify pages in a controlled and safe manner.

Unlike other developers, I do read all the comments posted here on the Mozilla site. In addition, the code is open source and you can review it yourself (follow the link above).

- applies CSS to make the page look better.
- applies Javascript to make the data sortable.
- gives each entry an icon, taken from Firefox chrome.
- puts a proper "Go up" link at the top of the page.
- attempts to apply a favicon if one doesn't exist.
- shortens long filenames intelligently.

User Interface Features:
- Quick global enable/disable through Tools menu
- Multiple customisable options
- Choose your preferred date format
- Optional Easy-Add right click menu entries to quickly define a page as a directory, or not a directory.

Download files:


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