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AmabayFox - Compare Amazon™ and eBay™ Prices


Disclaimer: Amazon™ or Amazon™ Logo are registered trademarks of Amazon.com. eBay™ or eBay™ Logo are registered trademarks of eBay.com

What AmabayFox Does

AmabayFox allows you to use http://amabay.linked8.com to compare prices between Amazon™ and eBay™ for any product by one click. Sites supported include: Amazon™ US, UK, Germany, France, Japan; eBay™ US, UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Italy

How AmabayFox Works

AmabayFox Button on Firefox browser

Amazon™ and eBay™ sites

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Google Chrome Version: AmabayChrome

International Support
Works on Amazon™ US, UK, Japan, Germany sites and eBay™ US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Austria, Australia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Ireland sites

In most cases, Amazon™ and eBay™ prices in the same country will be compared, for example, if you click from Amazon.co.uk, you get result between Amazon.co.uk and eBay.co.uk. However, for a small number of countries, because they are not supported by eBay™ or Amazon™, you’ll need to compare with other country’s results. These situations include:

Addon Description

AmabayFox allows you to search both Amazon™ and eBay™ for a product and compare prices between these two online retailers side by side to find best deals.

In addition to that, unlike other price comparison Firefox Addons which force you to choose your keyword by either typing or highlighting, AmabayFox places a down-to-earth Compare button beside the product you are browsing on online retailers, all you need is one click on the button, and there you go with Amazon and eBay prices side by side displayed in front of you.

There is no permanent toolbar on your browser that comes with AmabayFox, since AmabayFox only adds a small icon on navigation bar, and you may customize the location of that button to status bar or menu bar or hide it.

To add to the convenience brought by this Addon, we are working on covering other online shopping websites .

Download files:


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