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Mobile.de - Show Seller Location


Unfortunately, the motor trade increasingly or even partially frauded or murdered just for the money, which the buyers to alleged car-bargain normally gets in cash with them to keep the vehicle inspection. For possible fraud or even worse risks this extension was created. This lets you already before the tour of the vehicle a better idea of the environment.
Just click onto the name, company, phone-number, street or city of the seller-infos to get more informations about the seller.

With this Firefox extension in future you will need just a click on the register-tab of the seller to:

1. Search seller phone numbers with reverssearch on Klicktel.de
2. Checking name of the contact person by using google.de for suspicious Google-entries
3. Search seller company on Klicktel.de
4. Search street and place on Klicktel.de, and here in demand even a satellite card of the village.
5. See street and place in a maps.google.de street-plan and calculating a trip-route to the place

A extension with same functions, but for Autoscout24.de and Autoscout24.at you will find at:

Download files:


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