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GoogleTube - YouTube Player


GoogleTube may change the way you find and play music clips, movies trailers, products reviews, live performances and many more videos normally found on YouTube.
By simply clicking on the GoogleTube icon in the status bar, or by looking for the nicely embedded YouTube button within the search results of your favorite search engine, you can now play and watch great videos in a snap.

GoogleTube becomes handy for all those YouTube videos that are great to watch while keeping the browser open on another website.
Music, for example.
Think of GoogleTube as a combination of search and recommendation engine for music.
Start the journey by searching Google, Yahoo! or Bing for artist name or song title, then launch and play it instantly directly within the search results.
Alternatively, you can simply launch GoogleTube from the status bar, and do all the searches from the player itself.
When finished, you can easily look for similar and related music videos.
If you just want to listen to the video without watching it - the minimize button of the player becomes very handy.

After using GoogleTube for a while, you'll find that this is the simplest yet the best utility for searching and playing videos online.

Feel free to post a comment regarding how you use GoogleTube (for playing music,searching movie trailers, etc...), if you have a cool search query to share, feel free to add it either, and if you feel that this add-on should have a different and better name...sure, let us know (-:

Hope you'll have fun with this add-on as we do!

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