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Multiple Search Suggestions


Extends the search field to display search suggestions from not just one but several search engines at the same time. Highly configurable. Default: Simultaneous search suggestions from Google, dejure.org and Wikipedia.

The order of the requested search engines is controlled by the general search engine settings of Firefox. Clicking on a search suggestion opens either the search engine's results page (e.g. Google) or a specific result from the requested service (e.g. dejure.org and Wikipedia). Clicking on a title bar of a results list opens a search from the respective service with the current search entry.

The behavior of this extension is configurable from its add-on page:

- Check "Recommended order" to have the extension display suggestions from dejure.org and Wikipedia (DE). This is the default behavior. Checking this option wants to add the dejure.org and Wikipedia search engines to your browser, if not already present.

- Check "Use your own search engine list" to find the search engines in the search engine.

- Check "Support descriptions" to the Wikipedia of the search suggestions offered by search engine like Wikipedia and dejure.org.

- Check a number to the right of "Additional search suggestions" to set how many additional search engine suggestions will be displayed by the extension.

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