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Browzmi IM + Social Surfing ("Homebase")


Browzmi is a place online where friends can instant message and surf the web together. Browzmi makes the web more fun by allowing friends to share and discover stuff online in real-time, like you're there together. Watching movies, discovering new music, playing games and sharing photos online is much more fun together with your friends than it is browsing alone.

Browzmi's Firefox Add-on was recently reviewed by ReadWriteWeb! http://tinyurl.com/6qq28r

Browzmi is not screen-sharing: it's more like instant messaging. Browzmi's buddy list displays the real-time web location of you and your friends as you surf in Browzmi. So as everyone surfs around the web, you can see where your friends are located and follow each other to share and discover good stuff online together.

The Browzmi Homebase Firefox extension improves the social surfing performance and usability of the Browzmi web service. When you install Browzmi Homebase, surfing in Browzmi performs just like surfing in your browser and all of your favorite sites work perfectly. Homebase allows the pages you surf in Browzmi and the data associated with these pages to bypass the Browzmi servers and travel directly to you. (Without Homebase installed, Browzmi utilizes a unique proxy approach to surf the web within its website.)

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