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Read Later


If you don't have time to read a website or webpage simply click the 'Read Later' icon or use the 'Right Click' option which will retrieve the details of the webpage and store for future reading both online and within your personal eLert Gadget.

You can synchronize pages and folders stored online with both the Read Later add-on and from within your personalized eLert Gadget.

When you have read the item it can be deleted or stored in a different folder within your eLert Gadget for future reference.

All stored 'Read Later' pages are available within an RSS Feed - use to view your list from anywhere or any RSS reader.

By using in conjunction with the unique eLert Gadget desktop application you can sync between computers - works great when working from home and from the office.

After reading, there is no need to bookmark in a third party application as bookmarking is provided as part of the service.

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