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Grab Them All (screenshots of many pages)


Takes screenshot of all specified url's at once!

Grab Them All is a Firefox extension taking a screenshots of specified set of webpages. Unlike many other screen capture extensions and tools it takes multiple screenshots of all specified URLs with one click.

Sites to shot have to be provided in *.txt file with URL addresses starting from http:// or https:// prefix. URLs are separated by new line.
Example text file with URL list to shot should looke like this:

Lines not starting with http:// or https:// are omitted

Screenshots are saved in *.jpg or *.png files in specifed directory. File names have syntax: Base64.encode(site_url).jpg or Base64.encode(site_url).png. From version 0.6.0 there is also possibility to save file as requested_url.png or requested_url.jpg. Changing file name schema can be done with GrabThemAll options dialog.

Grab Them All opens new window load there each site URL and take screenshot.

To add GrabThemAll icon to toolbar select: View->Toolbars->Customize... Find there GrabThemAll button and drag it to to toolbar.

To configure Grab Them All select Tools->Extensions->GrabThemAll->Preferences. There can be selected:
- Output file format (jpg or png)
- Screenshot type: grab window only or grab entry page
- Window size (if screenshot type is set to "grab window only" it is output file size too).
- Maximum processing time (in seconds per page). 0 seconds means no limit.

From 0.6.0 version GrabThemAll can save report file (with some basic informations like status, url, file name).

Source code available at https://github.com/rzelazko/grabthemall

Download files:


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