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Findx is a search engine with a strong focus on privacy, transparency and user involvement. This official add-on sets Findx as your default search engine, new tab- and start page.

Findx is a truly independent search engine which has its own index. We crawl the internet ourselves, and we do not use data from third parties unlike most of our competitors, who rely on data from search partners like Yahoo and Google. This gives us full control over search algorithms, and allows us to use user feedback to shape search results.

Read more about Findx here:
  • Findx: https://www.privacore.com/findx/
  • Our Privacy Promise: https://www.privacore.com/privacy/privacy-promise/
  • Search exits: https://help.findx.com/en/search-exits
  • Our forum: https://forum.privacore.com/index.php
  • Our open source software: https://github.com/privacore/

  • TL;DR: Findx never stores your IP address and does not pass it on to any partners. You search in private.

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