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For those of us that are way behind on your favorite web comic, the only way to make any progress is to:
  1. Open a bookmark to the latest comic you've read
  2. Read any number of comics
  3. Manually copy and paste the new link to the latest comic you've read back in to your bookmark

This add-on automates that process by providing you a one click bookmark updater. It works by finding the bookmark whose link is closest to your current tab (ie, the closest link to your current tab of http://xkcd.com/699/ might be your bookmark to http://xkcd.com/680) and replacing that bookmark's link with your current tab's link. In the case where there are two bookmarks that are equally close, you'll get a popup saying that the add-on could not find a unique closest bookmark and no changes will be made.

NOTE: No button will appear by default when you install this add-on. Go to View->Toolbars->Customize... and you'll be able to click and drag the ComicUpdater icon anywhere you want it.

This add-on is also available for Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pclklbdlpfhhbigalgggdfgiegbkipne

Download files:


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