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Settings Protection


Preferences that are changed without the user notice are the primary objective of this add-on. These preferences are reverted to old values, and a pop-up will be shown to the user with the information of settings changes. Then the add-on will ask the user to confirm or discard the new changes. The user confirmation is through authentication. It is the user choice to discard or save the new changes in preferences. If the user wishes to save the new changes, then they need to pass the authentication. If the user does not want to save the new changes or cannot pass the authentication, then the new changes are discarded.

Coming to authentication (used at the time of saving new changes), the user has two options. One is Master Password authentication, and other is separate authentication used only in this add-on. The user needs to select the particular authentication they want after the installation of the add-on. Upon installing the add-on, a pop-up will be shown to choose the one of the authentication.

Extra features are provided in this add-on such as exempting some group of settings from monitoring, blocking the opening of the settings page, etc. These are available on the add-on page, which can open by clicking the add-in icon in the toolbar. Enabling/Disabling of any these features also needs authentication.

The list of preferences monitored by add-on is Homepage, Newtab, Default search engine, checking default browser, start up page, download directory, search suggestions localbar, open new tab, search from windows, provide search suggestions, pop-up block up, play DRM content, Tracking Protection private, suggest history, warn on add-on installs, suggest open tabs, suggest bookmarks, block reported sites, remember logins, warn me before redirect or reload pages, search updates, asking update install, auto install updates, never install updates.

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