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hakia ScoopBar


Search and Scoop Web Pages

What is the hakia ScoopBar?
You can watch the demo at
or read on. hakia ScoopBar is a new search tool and to the naked eye it just looks like a toolbar. But when you perform a search with the hakia ScoopBar, and click on the results, you will discover three new Web features not found in any other toolbar in use today:

o You will be pointed to the highlighted answer text- not keywords- inside the document, to save time
o You will be taken to the highlighted answer text with automatic scroll down, to eliminate “double searching” (Web search + search inside the Web document)
o You will have the option to then “Scoop ‘n Save” your search result into files you create on your hard-drive(under various project names) so that you can never lose your references.

Download files:


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