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Globefish Instant Translator


Note from Globefish developers:
Please use the latest version (1.4.2) to work around the reported translation issue. Globefish now displays the human user verification page from Google if it detects that the verification is required to continue using Google's translation service.


Globefish is an easy-to-use language tool that can help with both reading and writing in a foreign language. Globefish combines an instant language translator for reading foreign text and an expression frequency checker for visualizing how common a certain expression is relative to other expressions. The expression frequency checker is useful for checking grammar errors and selecting a better expression in writing in a foreign language.

Start using Globefish by clicking on the orange fish icon on the status bar, located at the bottom right corner of your web browser. If you are a Firefox 4.0 user, you may need to make the status bar, which is hidden by default, visible by using "View > Toolbars > Add-on Bar" in the menu. You can also press F8 key or use "Tools > Globefish Language Support" in the menu to start Globefish.

You can translate any foreign text in a web page by highlighting it. There is no need to know which language the text is written in. Globefish automatically detects the language of the text and outputs its translation to any of the 50+ available languages of your choice. To change the output language of your choice, click the language label, which looks like a combo box located at the upper left corner of Globefish panel, or click the "Option" link at the lower right corner.

To help you with writing in foreign languages, Globefish makes it easy to compare how often phrases appear on the web. Switch to "Compare how often phrases appear on web" tab, to use this feature. For example, a user may type "delivery options" and "delivery choices" to find out which one is more commonly used and possibly sounds better than the other. The user will find that a bar graph for "delivery options" is much longer than that for "delivery choices", indicating that "delivery options" is much more frequent and likely to sound better than "delivery choices".

Globefish instant language translator is powered by Google's state-of-the-art translation service. Globefish expression frequency checker is based on Bing and Google search APIs, which allow for using the entire web as a text corpus for counting frequencies of different expressions.

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