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Pluribo: Instant Summaries


Amazon is a terrific resource for researching products. But when you're shopping for a product, it can take an awfully long time to read through and make sense of all those user reviews. That's why we developed Pluribo.

Pluribo uses some cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to actually scan all the reviews on an Amazon webpage and automatically summarize them down into a single paragraph. With Pluribo, you'll be able to learn not only *whether* people liked a product, but also *why*. Instantly.

How does it work? Well, essentially Pluribo does exactly what you'd do if you had the time: it reads every word, learns what people liked and disliked, and then figures out the key lessons. But, unlike a person, Pluribo does this automatically. So it can fetch you the bottom line at light speed-- freeing up your day to enjoy the finer things in life.

Using the Pluribo extension is incredibly easy. Once you've installed it, just browse Amazon as you normally would. Whenever Pluribo encounters a page with a lot of reviews, it'll automatically compute and display a summary for you.

To see this extension in action after you've installed it, check out any of the following Amazon pages. Pluribo's summary should appear at the bottom of the window once the page has loaded:


(Note: At the moment, Pluribo works best for electronics items. But we're adding support for more product categories every day.)

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Pluribo. As we're always looking to improve our service, we welcome your feedback at http://www.pluribo.com.

Download files:


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