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Kongregate Sidebar


I am sorry to announce that I have decided to quit developing Firefox extensions.
You can read the complete announcement on my website.

Thanks for all the love and support in the past 7 years!

The Kongregate Sidebar is an easy way to access your Badges, Friends, Cards, Shouts, Whispers and Favorite games on Kongregate. With the sidebar you can easily see which badges you still need to earn sorted by date/difficulty/game. Other features include direct access to your friends (join them in the room they are playing in or leave them a shout or whisper), display of the points you need to level up, and more. Since version 1.4 it also keeps track of the games you play and how often you play them for easy access.

Kongregate is a casual gaming platform with an awesome working concept of you being able to score points and cards by playing flash games. For a selected set of games goals are set, like "Complete Level 20" or "Destroy the Boss in Level 3", for you to complete. This addicting system ensures that you want to keep on playing that game until you achieved the badge. And twice a week a special challenge is set which allows you to earn a collectible card to use in their CCG Kongai.

The extension is developed primarily for registered Kongregate users, but if you just want to see how it looks and feels you can enter my user name to preview my profile.

On the first run of the extension a SQLite database will be build to cache your badges, friends, etc for faster access. Should this database ever get corrupted or if you just want to be sure it has the most recent data you can always reload while holding down the CTRL key, this will first clear the cached data.

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