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foxiFrame basic


with titlebar hiding addons OS do not recognize Firefox as a window and therefore aero-snap, keyboard shortcut's for window management etc. do not work (not a very big price for hiding titlebar though)
however foxiframe aerosnap provides emulation for aerosnap
not as beautiful as the real one, but it works and window doesn't seem broken anymore

here's what foxiFrame doe's:
starts Firefox in maximized state without titlebar flickering,
enables dragging of Firefox window with any toolbar
provides all frame related features: FullScreen, Minimize, Maximize/Restore, Close, and logo buttons, titlebar text (which can be aligned to center ,left or right)
(to arrange this items on toolbars as you wish use "customize" from right click menu and to put window controls on tabbar use foxiFrame's options dialog)
provides context menu on window control buttons to resize window to screen left right or center (can be used as a crude replacement for aero-snap on the sides)

Download files:


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