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About the publisher: SimilarSites.com is a related content engine based on the same technologies that drive the SimilarWeb browser add-on, it allows a new type of browsing we refer to as “associative browsing”. You begin by looking at a site that interests you and from then on you are able to start hopping through similar sites and subjects.

We believe that typing query terms and search definitions isn’t for everyone, it’s almost a science of its own and requires months of practice to get to a decent level. By using SimilarWeb or SimilarSites.com you can start with a place you know and look at the internet from that point of view, discovering new sites that deal with the same subject and are related in some way. Be it market research or finding sites of new bands you would like, SimilarSites has something for everyone.

SimilarSites.com takes into account the user opinions in order to get the best results, on each result there are thumbs up and down buttons which can raise or lower a site's standing, through everyone’s help the results get more and more accurate for everybody.
The Similar Sites Firefox add-on lets users:
Search SimilarSites and TopSite.com
Get Instant Similar Sites thumbnails
Access Similar Sites List
Website info (Alexa, Google Trends, Blog Talk, Quarkbase and Whois)
ShareThis for interesting sites


When downloading this add-on, you are contributing to the algorithm that makes SimilarSites' recommendations get better and better every single day with anonymous browsing trends.

More details can be found in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here: http://www.similarsites.com/privacy-policy

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