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Close other tabs


Close other tabs adds the following five keyboard shortcuts to Firefox:

- Ctrl+Shift+F3 closes all tabs on the left of the active one
- Ctrl+Shift+F4 closes all tabs except the active one
- Ctrl+Shift+F5 closes all tabs on the right of the active one
- Ctrl+Shift+F6 closes all tabs with the same domain as the active one
- Ctrl+Alt+F4 closes all windows except the active one

Mac OS users press Command instead of Ctrl.

Closing tabs respects grouped tabs (Firefox Panorama) and app tabs. This behaviour can be changed using the Add-on's options window.

Customize Shortcuts
The shortcuts can be customized using the keyconfig extension by Dorando. A version which is compatible with Firefox 3.6 can be found here.
After having installed keyconfig, open the configuration window by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F12 and adjust the following values as you like.
- Close Tabs at Left (cot2_closeTabsAtLeft before version 2.2)
- Close Other Tabs (cot2_closeOtherTabs)
- Close Tabs at Right (cot2_closeTabsAtRight)
- Close Tabs With This Domain
- Close Other Windows

Disable context menu entries
Version 2.3 introduces additional entries for the tab's context menu in Firefox 3.7 and above. They can be disabled by adding the following lines to the userchrome.css.

/* disable Close Other Tabs context menu entries */
#cot2_closeTabsAtLeftMenu {display: none;}
#cot2_closeDomainTabsMenu {display: none;}
#cot2_closeTabsAtRightMenu {display: none;}
#cot2_closeOtherWindowsMenu {display: none;}

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