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Panic Button


Don't want the boss to catch you surfing the web on company time? Don't want your teacher, classmates, roommate or significant other to see the websites you're viewing? With Panic Button, a single click of a toolbar button will quickly hide all Firefox browser windows and open a new window displaying a website of your choice -- click the toolbar button again to bring back your browser windows. The Panic Button action can also be invoked by pressing F9.

After installing Panic Button, the Panic Button toolbar button will be automatically added to the browser toolbar, if it is not there already.


• Make Panic Button work for you by choosing one of the following actions: Hide and Replace (the default option -- hides all browser windows and replaces them with a browser window displaying a web page at a specific URL; click on the Panic Button again after danger has passed to restore the browser session), Minimize All Windows (slowest option – but all windows can be restored), or Close All Windows (close all windows and quit Firefox, if there are no other open windows such as bookmark manager).

• Press F9 to invoke the Panic Button action; the shortcut key can be turned off, if desired.

• Customizable toolbar button caption and icon. There are 20 toolbar button images to choose from. An image file on your computer can also be used; oversized images will be automatically resized.

Supported languages: English (United States), Chinese (traditional and simplified), Dutch, Filipino, French, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.

Do you want Panic Button in your language? If you are fluent in English and another world language and would like to help update or add a new translation, consider contributing a translation here: https://crowdin.com/project/aecreations-panic-button

Things You Should Know About:

• The Hide and Replace action does not work in Private Browsing windows.

• Any downloads in progress will continue in the background if clicking the Panic Button to hide or minimize all windows. If Close All Windows was selected in extension preferences as the Panic Button action, downloads in progress will be canceled.

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