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Flash Debugger


Flash Debugger is the successor of FlashFirebug, it is an addon to Firefox's built-in devtools. It gives you the ability to debug any AS3 Flash on the web. Inspect the DisplayList, change properties on the fly and see the warnings, errors and traces directly in the extension. Use the inspector to hone in on elements, transform objects on the fly and use the console to run AS3 commands on the active SWF. This extension is a paid extension, you can get a 2 day trial from here:


This extension requires Flash Player Debugger for netscape compatible browsers (http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html) installed. You can find out more on the product website at:


Here are some of the extension features:
1. Output: View errors, warning, and trace output inside the extension.
2. Properties: View and change object properties at run-time.
3. SWF Inspector Tool: Inspect inside SWF files like you inspect HTML.
4. Console: Execute AS3 against active SWF.
5. Explorer: Explore the assets inside the active SWF.
6. 3D Transform Tool: Free Transform, 3D Rotate, 3D Translate.
7. Profiler: Find out what's slowing down your SWFs.
8. And much more to come...

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