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Simple Hinting


This addon displays small green numbered labels next to the links of the current page when you press Alt + Shift.

If you enter one of the displayed numbers, followed by a special keycode, you'll be redirected to the link target, either directly or by opening a new window or tab.

The keycodes are the following:

At any time, pressing c or Esc will cancel the link selection and remove all green labels.


This addon try to protect your privacy by removing unwanted tracking attributes from the URL you are trying to go to. The list of the banned attributes is customizable in the addon options.

In order to remove attributes from short URL (e.g. on Twitter), this addon call an external web service, which is responsible for expanding this kind of links. The source code
of this service is available. The location of this service is customizable in the addon options, thus you are free to host your own, or to use another service.

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