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LBC Firefox


LBC Automated Customer Response Extension is a google chrome browser extension
that operates for the localbitcoins.com web environment. This code is copyrighted
under Christopher Yoo, March 4, 2016, and is made out to Cash-To-Crypto and
its affiliates.

The extension progromatically decides an appropriate message to send out
to customers according to the following criteria:

1. Payment type (cash deposit, serve2serve, western union, money gram, and amazon)
2. Transaction value (< 2000, >2000, >3000)
3. Whether the buyer has sent the appropriate attachment when marking payment complete
4. IP Address (buyer must be using a US server)

To set up the extension:
1. Open up Google Chrome browser.
2. On the right upper corner, click the column icon (three horizontal dashes)
3. Go to More Tools > Extensions
4. Click on “Load unpacked extension. . .” at the top of the screen
5. Select the entire LBC folder that was sent
6. Ensure that the “Enabled” box has been checked.
7. Your extension is ready to go!
*For use of the extension in an incognito browser, simply check the box “Allow in Incognito” in the Extensions page.

Note the following additional conditions to be aware of when using the extension:

1. The extension will automatically force the webpage to refresh every 3 seconds.
2. The extension will perform one of three actions from the homepage:
* Read an unread notification that contains the phrase "new offer"
* Read an unread notification that contains the phrase "payment marked complete"
* Refresh the homepage

In the first 2 situations, the program will relocate its current web url to
match the one identified with the message notification. Once on the new page,
it will automatically write an appropriate message and send it out. It will then
return straight to the homepage.

For further information or help, contact:

Christopher Yoo
[email protected]
(678) 951 4647

Download files:


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