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Auto Password Registerer


Define a set of preferences like:

pref('[email protected](unique key).hostname',
pref('[email protected](unique key).username',
pref('[email protected](unique key).httpRealm',
pref('[email protected](unique key).password',

Then, those given information will be stored to the password manager automatically. If there is existing password for the hostname and username, it will be updated.

If you don't want to store multiple login informations for a host, define an extra preference like:

pref('[email protected](unique key).exclusive',

Then, all other login informations will be removed automatically.

Already-registered login information won't be registered again, even if you remove the stored password by hand. To register it again, you have to clear a preference [email protected](unique key).lastRegisterationTimestamp.
How to write preferences from visible information in the password manager

You can write preferences from the information shown in the password manager. For example, if your password manager saying like following:

Site | Username | Password | Last Used | Last Changed

Then, you can write them like:

pref('[email protected]tname',
pref('[email protected]rname',
pref('[email protected]pRealm',
pref('[email protected]sword',
pref('[email protected]tname',
pref('[email protected]rname',
pref('[email protected]sword',

The value for "httpRealm" appears a part of the value in the "Site" column. You have to split "hostname" and "httpRealm" manually like above.

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