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Use FlagTab to color and organize your tabs better.

+ Unlimited Custom Colors
+ Multiple Triggers (click, double-click, mousewheel, various key combination's)
+ Color Favicon Instead of Tab Background
+ Relative Tabs (like IE7)
+ Mark Unread Tabs
+ Session Recovery
+ Compatible with Most Themes
+ Group Tabs (automatically) by Color
+ Bookmark Tabs Based on Color
+ Persistently Mark Tabs That Match a Certain URL/Regex
+ Hot Keys (Alt+Ctrl+[1-9] to color current tab)
+ Auto-color New Tabs (experimental)
+ Auto-Rotate New Tab Color (experimental)

FlagTab in its simplest form will mark tabs with preset colors. But first, the options dialog; it is accessible via Tools>Add-ons>Extensions>FlagTab>Options or by right-clicking on a tab, selecting FlagTab Options> and then clicking Options. The Options dialog allows you to turn on/off non-crucial features. Such as, relative tabs, highlight unread tabs, etc. The Options dialog has 4 tabs worth of settings: Features, Colors, Persistent URLs, and Experimental. Below is a brief description of each option in the "Features" tab.

"Highlight Unread Tabs":
Highlights tabs that have yet to be selected by turning the tab background to white. After the tab is selected, the color white is removed and the default tab color is restored.

"New Tab Color Same as Parent Tab":
If you open a new tab from within a tab that is currently colored, this option will color the new tab the same as the opener.

"Use Mouse wheel to Rotate Colors":
Allows the mouse wheel to be substituted as the mouse action defined in the "Trigger" option. For example, if I have Single Click+Ctrl defined as my trigger, then this option would allow Mouse wheel+Ctrl to rotate the tab. If I had just Single Click defined as my trigger, then just the Mouse wheel would rotate the tabs color.

"Overwrite Background Image on Tab":
This option is mostly for themes that place a background-image on a tab (that covers up the FlagTab color). This image is set to nothing, if (and only if) the current color on a tab is set to something other than the default (like red, or blue, etc). Once the default color has been reselected then the background image is re-added.

"Make Tabs Relative (to Parent/Opener)":
This moves newly opened tabs to the immediate right of the currently selected tab. For example, I have tabs A, B, and C. Firefox (by default) will open the new tab labeled "1" in this order: A, B, C, 1. But, with this option enabled and a new tab labeled "1" was opened from within the tab labeled B, this would be the new order: A, B, 1, C.

"Automatically Group Tabs of the Same Color":
This will automatically move tabs of similar color by each other. Unread tabs will be ordered by the underlying color and not their current color (white).

Apply this action to any tab to rotate the tab to the next color in the set. If "Single Click+Ctrl" is selected then holding the key Control and Clicking on a tab will rotate colors. Likewise, if "Double Click+Shift" is selected then holding the Shift key and double-clicking on any tab will rotate its color.

That's it for the Features tab. Up next is the Colors tab. This tab is used to define Labels along with their associated background/foreground color (Foreground = text color). What you enter for Label is what will show up when you right-click on a tab or in the "Persistent URLs" tab. The colors you select (next to the Label input) are the colors that are present in your FlagTab Color Set. As soon as you hit "OK" you will be able to color your tabs with the colors defined here. Use the "x" button to remove a label and the "+ Add Color" to add a new label.

Persistent URLs are URLs that you want to always color with a certain label. The Mozilla Add-ons url has already been defined and will always color tabs red (until you change or delete it of course ;). Valid inputs for the URL text box can be flat URLs or regex strings. Once a URL has been set, select the label you want to color it, and hit OK. FlagTab will apply the Persistent URL label OVER the previous label, that way once you navigate away from the Persistent URL the color will be restored to its previous state. Use the "x" button to remove a label and the "+ Add Color" to add a new label.

The Experimental tab was created for a few feature requests that were emailed to me. Feel free to play around with these settings, they shouldn't break anything ;) If you have a feature request then feel free to email me or hop on my getsatisfaction.com page.

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to email with any questions/comments/concerns!

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