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Page Zoom Button


Page Zoom Button allows you to control all three of the page zoom functions in Firefox with a single button.
Click on, or roll the mouse wheel over the button to zoom in, zoom out, and reset a web page back to its default view instantly.
It also works to zoom in and out of local offline files such as photos, graphics, and various documents.

Adding the Button:
Open the Customize Firefox tab:
Drag the "Zoom" button to a toolbar or right click on it and select "Add to Toolbar" or "Add to Menu".
The menu option isn't the greatest unless you are zooming by scrolling over the add-on.
The ugly toolbar button will be replaced soon.

For some odd reason, this add-on currently requires an additional Firefox restart in order for the scroll zoom function (scrolling over the button) to work.
I have no idea why this is, I am looking into it, and I sincerely apologize.

Zoom In - Left-click on the button
Zoom Out - Right-click on the button
Reset Zoom - Middle-click on the button
Zoom In - Hover over the button and roll the mouse wheel up
Zoom Out - Hover over the button and roll the mouse wheel down
Reset Zoom - Shift+ Left-click on the button

3 individual and separate zoom buttons that are missed by some of you.
Get Zoom Buttons here

Leaving a review and rating by clicking on the "Write a review" button would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your support.

Thanks to developers and all around great guys Michael Buckley and LouCypher for without them Page Zoom Button wouldn't exist.

Also thanks to the following Add-on Editors for reviewing and approving Page Zoom Button:
Henry Perez, dveloper of Flash Block and other great add-ons.
Leszek Życzkowski
Leszek is the developer of Copy Plain Text 2 and several other fine add-ons.
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"Zoom in, zoom out, and reset page zoom with one toolbar button."

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